Monday, February 4, 2013

Of Fathers and Letters

You can never have it all, they say. And I believed them. Not because I'm gullible but because I know I don't. I may have normal kids my age don't possess and I'm really thankful for that, however, I don't have what normal kids have.. a father, in my own definition of it.

Don't be confused. I have a father. Yet I don't have one. And I'm not used to having him around. Maybe proximity is to be blamed. And language barrier, too. He needs to work far away, yes, I get it. But at times, I'm still a daughter who wants to feel she is secured, protected and loved by her father, just how most fathers normally do.

Then I stumbled upon this letter on my news feed. It was Jess Robredo's letter to his four-year old Aika in 1992.

All I can say is that I really envy Aika. But if my father can't do this kind of thing, well then I'll be the one to do it. :-)