Monday, February 18, 2013

Love Drunk

While some people are busy preparing for their V day dates, I am on my way to Los Banos early in the morning just because (1) I need to sing Sulong CAS for clearance, (2) it's the UPLB Feb Fair season, and (3) dinner with blocmates. Whoever said V day isn't for singles, ha! :p To cut the story short, I wasn't able to accomplish number one but my two days in LB turned out way better than expected! These pictures are proof! :)

February 14
Had lunch with Nina at Black & Brew, then met up with brods, Paolo and Ivan. Roamed at the fair grounds until their 2:30pm classes.

Went to Tres (blocmates' apartment) and got surprised!  Thanks, Bea, Claire and Danica for the rose, letter and Kitkat, respectively! I love youuuuu! :*

Went to V Lounge Spa-Scissors Salon with Claire for some pampering. I love salons, I really do. It relaxes me, just like supermarket aisles and good food do.

Had dinner at Joe's with blocmates BCD plus Angelo. Met Joe's owners' adorable kids, Tasha and Alfred. ♥

Went to the Feb Fair grounds after dinner! Oh, UPLB!

Nina and I met up with an old friend at IC's Bar before calling it a night. :)

February 15
These past years, I wanna scrape February 15 off the calendar. Don't ask why. But this time, I'm glad I don't care about that thing of the past anymore. Time heals wounds, indeed. :)

Had dinner with the girls again at Tresto then roamed around Freedom Park for some Feb Fair vibes. I visited the booths of my two orgs and it's always good to see some familiar faces. Also, Silent Sanctuary added some more love in the air. I really liked the fact that they sang two of my favorites, Kundiman and Kismet. :)

It's so humbling and heartwarming to have witnessed love in its many forms the past two days. And though these times I choose to steer away from complicated love issues and have some good time alone, I am love drunk, made possible by the wonderful people I have in my life right now. Thanks for both the big and the little things, you made and continuously make me feel loved. May this sweet hangover never fade, ever.♥