Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday, it was exceptionally hot outside; the light's creeping through my window. If I were my normal self, I would've shut the blinds. I unlocked the sliding glass leaving the screen part of the window instead, letting the little breeze and the sunlight in. I was happy. The sun made me happy.

Later that afternoon, an old friend came over. We've known each other since he was seven and I was six.  He was my grade one classmate and through the years, we've became friends. You know, that comfortable friend, unlike the ones we get in Facebook. When he stepped into the room, the first words he uttered were  Andito ka lang? Di ka ba naiinip dito? and I answered him with a no and a laugh. I was perfectly fine with this kind of set-up: my laptop, my bed, some chips and me.

I'm too preoccupied with my own world these days, building walls whenever necessary cos I felt the need to do just like that. It's not that I'm scared or whatever. I just don't want any complications right now. Why complicate things if it can be simple as ABC, right? However, it dawned on me that I also need to let others in from time to time; may it be a thing, a person, a place, an experience. 

Maybe it'll make me happier, just like the sun.

P.S. My hair's getting longerrr! Yay! :)